Monday, September 27, 2010

Week #4-5

For YD preschool we have worked on learning letter Ii, number 3, squares and doing a week of reviewing letters and numbers already learned. Week#4 I didn't take alot of pics.

Sorry for the shirtless girl I am lucky she at least has bottoms on.

We have been doing alot of bird watching as a family. Looking through books and trying to figure out what kind of birds keep visiting.
So this week OD has done Saxon Math lessons 15-23, SOTW 3 chapters 3&4 (we took a field trip to Jamestown that I will post soon) and finished lesson #2 The Sun in science. She is currently finishing up her paper mache sun. (We are making our own sun for our solar system since the one we have didn't come with one.)

OD started LA Lifepac #3, skimming and outlining information.

She worked on her Earth globe for Geography.

And finished!!!!

We worked on the different parts of a story using Love To Write.

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  1. Two great weeks down!!! As for the no youngest girl and my oldest boy NEVER wear shirts. HA!! Gotta love homeschooling!