Monday, September 27, 2010

Week #4-5

For YD preschool we have worked on learning letter Ii, number 3, squares and doing a week of reviewing letters and numbers already learned. Week#4 I didn't take alot of pics.

Sorry for the shirtless girl I am lucky she at least has bottoms on.

We have been doing alot of bird watching as a family. Looking through books and trying to figure out what kind of birds keep visiting.
So this week OD has done Saxon Math lessons 15-23, SOTW 3 chapters 3&4 (we took a field trip to Jamestown that I will post soon) and finished lesson #2 The Sun in science. She is currently finishing up her paper mache sun. (We are making our own sun for our solar system since the one we have didn't come with one.)

OD started LA Lifepac #3, skimming and outlining information.

She worked on her Earth globe for Geography.

And finished!!!!

We worked on the different parts of a story using Love To Write.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week #3

This past week OD finished her L.A Lifepac #2.

For Saxon she did lessons 11-14. We use the Dive CD for teaching the lessons. I absolutely love it!! She does too>

The boys were home from school on Thursday and they wanted to get out the playdough. I hate playdough but they love it. We don't get it out often so it was certainly a treat.

For Science OD started Lesson #2 The Sun. She had alot of fun melting chocolate and burning holes in leaves.

We did alot of paper mache this week. For Geography we are making a globe and since our planets kit didn't come with a sun we are making our own. Finished product will be in next weeks post.
For Pre-k we did more Letter Ee activities. Review of all shapes and colors. More number 2 printables.

We rented a ballet lesson video and she did it several times throughtout the week.

YD doing an elephant tracing worksheet from creations of a homeschooler.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week #2

We had such a great eventful school week!!!

For preschool we finished up our Letter A activities on Monday and started Letter Ee. We worked on number 2, the oval shape, reviewed all the colors and had an Elephant theme!!

For 6th grade we did our Saxon 7/6 lessons 6-10, Language Arts Unit 2 finished (almost) she is also writing a 2 page fictional story. We started Geography this week. We are using A Child's Geography Vol 1. She got through SOTW Chapter #2 and science lesson #1 finished.

Here she is doing an apple color matching puzzle.

Our theme this week was elephants but we also did some egg stuff since it works so well with the letter E and the Oval shape. This was a counting egg activity.

We are still working on Creation for our Bible lessons. This week we did Day #3.

A letter Ee tracing page.

She loved doing this color by number printable. This was her first time doing one she did great and wants to do more!!


We made a large matchbook astronomy mini book .

This was soo fun. I found a clearanced solar system set at Kmart. We were going to make our own planets but this was a little less work. The visual effect of the planets hanging in order help her to memorize the planets using a Mnemonic sentence.

Preschooler stamped letter E's on an E printout.

Some sweet and cuddly reading time:)

And yet another busy weekend. We had some friends from NC come to visit for the long weekend. So we took them to Baltimores Aquarium.

We also spent labor Day in D.C.

These are about half the pictures i took this week. I just couldn't make my post pages long.