Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week #11-12

What we did:

6th grade- Saxon Math Lesson 39-46 and test #7 and 8.
L.A finished Unit 4 and started Unit 5
SOTW Chapter 11 and 12 The Moghuls Emperors, Aurangzeb's Three Decisions,
Charles Loses His Head, Cromwell's Protectorate and Plague and Fire of London.
Science Lesson #6 The Moon
Geography Puzzle Directions (Continents)
Health the Respiratory System
Art we finished our study of Rembrandt with a self portrait

OD doing her verse memorization
Her self portrait
Reading Winn Dixie

Letter Ii for inchworm wrap up
Letter Uu for umbrella
Color Pink

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week #9 and 10

I am sooo behind with my posts!!! I don't even think i took any pictures last week. Well I am going to post 2 weeks worth today (not that I will be caught up, but it will help).

For OD 6th grade:

Saxon Math lessons 31-39 which was working with decimals and fractions.
L.A Unit 4 Sect 2 & 3 (sentences, capitals, punctuations, author's purpose and propaganda)
SOTW Chapter #9 and 10- The Thirty Years War and Japan's Isolation we baked a Swedish Apple Cake
Geography Chapter #3-different layers of our atmosphere
Science Lesson 5- Earth
Health finished muscles and started the Circulatory System

Yeah Math

Studying the Earth was alot of fun for both of us.

The girls baking our Swedish cake

OD doing her history.

YD working with an owl, number matching activity. Which she loves and wants to do everyday.

She did a cute owl puppet project.

She loves this color matching activity. She chooses the green pictures to glue on her paper.

They both did some leaf rubbings that week too.