Monday, September 13, 2010

Week #3

This past week OD finished her L.A Lifepac #2.

For Saxon she did lessons 11-14. We use the Dive CD for teaching the lessons. I absolutely love it!! She does too>

The boys were home from school on Thursday and they wanted to get out the playdough. I hate playdough but they love it. We don't get it out often so it was certainly a treat.

For Science OD started Lesson #2 The Sun. She had alot of fun melting chocolate and burning holes in leaves.

We did alot of paper mache this week. For Geography we are making a globe and since our planets kit didn't come with a sun we are making our own. Finished product will be in next weeks post.
For Pre-k we did more Letter Ee activities. Review of all shapes and colors. More number 2 printables.

We rented a ballet lesson video and she did it several times throughtout the week.

YD doing an elephant tracing worksheet from creations of a homeschooler.


  1. I love the melting/burning experiment and YD in her ballet costume :)

  2. Hi, Julie!
    Thanks for coming by my blog this week! I dropped by here a couple of days ago, but couldn't comment. I just discovered that I had a third-party cookie issue...who knew?! lol But now my comments are posting:) Anyway, your solar system is great, too! How nice that it was on sale:)