Friday, July 30, 2010

Our 6th Grade Curriculum

I am joining in at Heart of the Matter for a "Not Back-to-School Blog Hop. Thought I would share what curriculum we will be using for sixth grade this year!! Preschool will be a bunch of different resources so I will just share ideas as we go. We will be doing a base study of Creation and then adding to that.

For Language Arts we are using Lifepac from Alpha and Omega.

For Math I am using Saxon Dive program.

Our Science curriculum is Apologia's Exploring Creation Through Astronomy.

We are using Story of The World Vol.3 for History.

For Health=

For Art=

She takes piano lessons for Music and She will be involved in different sporting activities throughout the year for P.E.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introduction To My Family

This is my hubbie!! We celebrated 11 years this past February!!

This is our oldest who is 11. Isn't she such a beautiful young lady!!

These are our boys 7 and 8 years old.

This is the baby of the family (4) and our pet pug Charlie.

About Me and This Blog

This is my secong blog. My first one is that is where I post about crafting, decorating, and about being a Christian wife and mother.

I have created this second blog to record and document our year of homeschooling. Our family is not a homeschool or nothing family. I have many homeschool friends who are and that is great but that just hasn't worked for our family. My first child was homeschooled for pre-k and kindergarten. She was then sent to a private school for first grade. Second grade public school and third back home again. From 4th and 5th grade she was back at the public school. We do everything on a what works for us this year basis. None of my other children were ever homeschooled.

The reason I am going back to homeschooling this year is because my daughter has finished elementary and is moving into Middle School. This scares me!! I know I need to trust God with her but I remember Middle School and that is not where I want her.

In the midst of all these school option changes we have moved from NY to NC and am now living in MD. We have had times when $ was tight and we needed the second (part-time) income. I am very happy with the elementary school my 2 boys are currently attending. My intention is for them to stay there until it is time for Middle School and then homeschool them too! I also intend to homeschool my daughter thru graduation.

So back to where we are today. We are homeschooling our OD this year for sixth grade. I will also have my 4 year old daughter home with me so we will be doing preschool. However if the Lord was to change my heart then I would keep them all home.