Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week #7

Week #7 This post is only two weeks late, not bad:) So what did we do this week?
My YD - worked on shapes. She knows her shapes so we just do random review.
- Did a little letter Ii review and started learning letter Oo.
- We practiced numbers 1-3 and introduced number 4.
- She also did some size sorting from smallest to largest and largest to smallest.

Here she is glueing different shapes to make a picture. I believe this was a printable from DLTK Kids.

She really enjoyed this size sorting activity I got from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

For our Letter I review she colored in letter I sheets with ink.

For Letter O we glued cheerios on letter O sheets.
For 6th grade OD - worked on Life pac #3 sect 3. Writing a Report and Skimming articles to find facts. She will be writing about why we celebrate Veterans Day.
- For Math she worked on lessons 25-28 reducing fractions and working with mixed numbers.
- For History we learned about The Spread of Slavery and Queen Nzinga of Angola.
- For Science- she started her lessons on Venus.
OD working on L.A in her Pj's!!!

One of our science that we did this week that should have been done last week was building a mercury out of clay.

We made some "lava" using flour and butter for our Venus Unit.

We are still learning about Rembrandt. It is not all that consistent so it has taken awhile.

What fun would it be without some shots of some leaf jumping!!!


  1. I like her mercury. And the cheerios on the O.

  2. Love the photos- what great projects! Thanks for sharing