Tuesday, July 27, 2010

About Me and This Blog

This is my secong blog. My first one is www.growingyourgrassgreener.blogspot.com that is where I post about crafting, decorating, and about being a Christian wife and mother.

I have created this second blog to record and document our year of homeschooling. Our family is not a homeschool or nothing family. I have many homeschool friends who are and that is great but that just hasn't worked for our family. My first child was homeschooled for pre-k and kindergarten. She was then sent to a private school for first grade. Second grade public school and third back home again. From 4th and 5th grade she was back at the public school. We do everything on a what works for us this year basis. None of my other children were ever homeschooled.

The reason I am going back to homeschooling this year is because my daughter has finished elementary and is moving into Middle School. This scares me!! I know I need to trust God with her but I remember Middle School and that is not where I want her.

In the midst of all these school option changes we have moved from NY to NC and am now living in MD. We have had times when $ was tight and we needed the second (part-time) income. I am very happy with the elementary school my 2 boys are currently attending. My intention is for them to stay there until it is time for Middle School and then homeschool them too! I also intend to homeschool my daughter thru graduation.

So back to where we are today. We are homeschooling our OD this year for sixth grade. I will also have my 4 year old daughter home with me so we will be doing preschool. However if the Lord was to change my heart then I would keep them all home.

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  1. Thank you for this. My kids have been going back and forth between public school and homeschool, and I am relieved to hear that I am not the only parent who has done that.